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When you are a leader and the world throws you a curve ball, you need to be able to reach out and catch it.

And that can be hard if you don't know how. 

Dealing with ambiguity, pivoting, leading change, supporting your team and adapting to new ways of doing things, sometimes several times in a week, are all part of leadership today.

Leader need a huge amount of self-awareness, practical support and a dash (or more) of courage.

Wouldn't you like to:
  • ​​Build your confidence so you feel more assured
  • ​Enhance your impact so that you can make a real difference
  • ​Lead in a way that is authentic to your core values
  • ​Enjoy career success without sacrificing your personal life
  • ​​​Be able to adapt and set yourself up for success now, and into the future
AND ALL Without the UNNECESSARY STRESS you may be facing now
As a leader you can often feel alone as you get caught in the middle having to manage up and down, and trying to find the right solutions, often on your own.
The world has turned upside down. There is uncertainty, changing priorities and the solid ground just isn't there.

Unfamiliar situations coming up in all directions, and somehow you are expected to know what to do and how to respond 

Forget about another 'training program' that feels good in the moment, but doesn't help you to make any actual sustainable changes in your 'real world'

Or worse, training courses that have no relation to your particular challenges.

It doesn't have to be like this!
Hi, I'm Amanda van Gils

I am a leadership coach, owner and founder of Rise & Shine Coaching, where we coach creatively and focus on the unique individual.  

I help leaders, to uncover their strengths, unlock their potential and apply practical tactics so that they can be confident, effective leaders who love what they do.
I am passionate about helping leaders to embrace who they are as they grow their leadership skills, build their knowledge, confidence and improve their self awareness . After all who needs 'cookie-cutter' leaders?

In my 25 year leadership career I've led teams from 1 to many and supported start ups to multi billion dollar businesses. So I have seen and experienced a lot - some great and some not so great - that's why I am passionate about helping leaders who want to excel and lead with confidence, competence and heart, all while achieving great results. People like you :) 

I'm so excited to share with you my latest program where you and I will get to work one on one together to set you up for Leadership Success.
Sound good? Keep reading.....
 Amanda van Gils - Coach - Rise & Shine Coaching

Five Steps to Leadership Success - Coaching Program

Get ready for success with our Five Steps to Leadership Success program.

The program is designed to give you clarity, awareness, confidence and a practical plan that will get you closer to achieving your goals.

The individual coaching sessions enable you to work through  the priorities and issues that are most important to you RIGHT NOW.
  • So what are these five steps?

    1) Self awareness - gain deeper insights into your personal strengths and preferences
  • 2) Impact - gain awareness of the impact you have on others and the impact you want to be having
  • 3) Goal Setting - identify and articulate clear goals that take you in the right direction for the person that you are and want to be
  • 4) Knowledge & Action - identify the gaps between where you are and where you want to be, and create a plan for action
  • 5) Execution & Accountability - don't just plan it, do it (with the support of your coach).
These five steps are the foundation that will always be relevant as you move through your career. 
Without deep self awareness and an understanding of your impact, it is close to impossible to lead effectively with a sense of confidence or conviction. 

Without clear goals and plans, time can pass you by before you know it and your dreams and aspirations remain unfulfilled.  
The five steps can be revisited over and over as often as you need, offering you a lifetime of value. 

Use them as you set new goals, change roles or workplaces, or even as you set up your own business.  

Over the years I have worked with many leaders who were perpetually busy fighting fires, with no real sense of where they want to be and how to get there. 

More often than not, this lack of clear inner direction caused them to doubt themselves, avoid challenge and not bring their full strengths to their leadership. 

I want to change this for you and for all the leaders who want to have a positive impact, leave a legacy and enjoy what they do. Happier leaders, means happier teams, means happier workplaces. And that is something I would love to see!

Go from unfocused to focused
Move from uncertain to confident and impactful.
Be a leader with purpose!


Coaching sessions on Zoom

Work at your own pace

Core to the program is dedicated one on one coaching sessions with a coach who has been a leader herself and supported leaders for over 20 years. 

This is your time to get the attention you deserve, to formulate a clear path, focus on YOUR leadership success, and troubleshoot along the way.

Our program allows you to go fast or go slow. Book your sessions monthly, every second week or  weekly.

Coaching via Zoom, no matter where you are. Some early morning and evening sessions available. 

You have up to seven months to fit in your five coaching sessions.
Hogan 360
Get powerful feedback with the renowned Hogan360 Feedback report. 

Data driven real time feedback that shines a light on your impact, strengths and opportunities across key leadership competencies.

A full guided debrief in addition to your five coaching sessions

50 page workbook
A companion workbook filled with extensive reading material and exercises.

Exercises in the workbook are ones that you can use over and over again as you continue through your leadership development. 

Keep all your coaching preparation, notes and action steps for each session in the one place with this downloadable journal.

Gallup Strengths assessment
The famous Gallup strengths assessment to identify your top natural strengths so that you can leverage them even more.

Stengths based approach.

imagine feeling confident and sky rocketing your career
Express yourself confidently  
Have the confidence and skill to lead even when you aren't 'at work'
Gain insights that enable you to inspire your team 
Enjoy what you do
Bring your own style to your leadership role
It's not just about work
Build habits that support your aspirations and dreams
Know that your potential is limitless
Just in case you wanted more ...
Accountability Partner Emails

One weekly accountability email check in, for the duration of the program and four weeks after you complete your final coaching session.
 Accountability check ins have been proven to exponentially increase your chance of success!
Payment Plan Option

Pay in full for the best value, or spread the cost over two payments

What people say about working with Amanda

"Amanda had a great knack of challenging me, asking probing questions, and helping me work through situations and challenges. This really helped me remain authentic in my approach and grow my skills rather than just deploying somebody else's instructions." 

- Patrick Fountain - General Manager, SRG
"I have a high regard for Amanda’s true authenticity and profound intuition - her comprehensive understanding of human psychology, neuroplasticity and leadership, makes her a unique and invaluable asset."

Estelle Vorster - CIO, Workpac
Amanda is a fantastic listener, communicator and explains concepts in a way that is easy to understand and duplicate.
"I've had the pleasure of being coached by Amanda for some months now and across our relationship, have developed numerous skills relating to both professional and personal aspects of my life. My focus as a new Manager was on a team and client communication and how to clearly articulate ideas, feedback and translate client briefs.
Amanda has a plethora of tools and ways to capture data that was helpful in highlighting strengths and opportunities in my learning.
She's a fantastic listener, communicator and explains concepts in a way that is easy to understand and duplicate.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Amanda and highly recommend her services for any business or individual wanting to grow their current skill set in both a personal and professional capacity. "
Sarah Kent - Marketing professional
I couldn't have asked for more

"I am so thankful that I reached out to Amanda recently after working with her many years ago. 
Amanda has a sincere and inquisitive style and confidently sought to understand the challenge at hand which then perfectly placed her to provide insight and ideas on the roadblocks I was facing, drawing on her extensive experience to give me the clarity that often needs an alternative viewpoint to see. 
I couldn't have asked for more and any expectations I had on reaching out were exceeded. I highly recommend Amanda to add value across any business or personal coaching and development needs. Thank you Amanda."

Theresa Dark - Retail executive
A great experience!

"My company was in need of assistance with some thorny issues. 
Based on a referral from a valued supplier we reached out to Rise and Shine Coaching for help.
Amanda really took the time to learn about our situation and also delved into the deeper issues. 
As a result, she was able to assist us in mediating, facilitating and implementing a practical solution in a very short timeframe.
Amanda was super supportive throughout and even now is always available for a quick chat.  We also appreciated the numerous follow ups, after the solution was put in place. 
Overall it was a great experience and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rise and Shine to any individual or organisation looking for practical leadership help."

Kym Gilham - Managing Director, Nextwave Media Pty Ltd
Amanda gave me enormous support

"I was introduced to Amanda by one of her coaching clients, as someone who could support me with advice on an amicable separation.

After 6 years in a senior executive position, the uncertainty of Covid 19 and implications for future employment, my confidence levels on being able to achieve an amicable separation were very low at the outset.

Amanda gave me enormous support during the process, both from a technical perspective of achievable outcomes, and a strategic direction to take, as well as taking time out to rebuild my confidence on a personal level. I was able to achieve a much better outcome than I would have envisaged at the outset.
I would recommend Amanda to anyone in a similar position, and I look forward to maintaining contact with her through her coaching programs. "
Phil Smith - Finance executive
She genuinely cares

"Amanda is great. She's always been very patient and helpful. She genuinely cares, responds super fast and gives great advice! Highly recommend her services. "

Mia Weber - Brand Marketing specialist 
Amanda was the first person I thought of...

"When a long term project came about, Amanda was the first person I thought of due to not only her experience in particular areas but most importantly her approach and way she is able to position and re-frame messages to the benefit of all. 
I've personally found Amanda's coaching approach to be valuable in completing the project along with her technical experience. I'm confident the project will meet the objectives set. "

Sherry Easson - HR Leader

Very insightful. Helped me get the clarity I needed.
"Amanda is just amazing to work with. 
She is the only one I trust to look at anything new I'm working on. I value her opinion and listen when she makes suggestions. They haven't failed me yet. 
I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get coaching support for their business. "

Colleen Jeffs - Director, The Honest Tech Company

all of this 
for just
$2197 AUD (+ GST in Australia)
You get
 30 minute onboarding call
 Five individual coaching sessions via Zoom, from the comfort of wherever you are
 Gallup Strengths assessment & report
 50 page Companion Workbook to guide the program steps + Coaching Notes Journal
 Hogan360 assessment & report
 Dedicated Hogan360 debriefing  session
 Coaching session Zoom recordings for you to refer to whenever you like
BONUS 01:  One weekly accountability email check in, for the duration of the program and four weeks after you complete your final coaching session
BONUS 02: Payment plan option
Over $3900 value for only $2197  or two payments of $1297
How do I know this is the right level for me?
The content of the program provides a framework for individual coaching, so whatever level you are at, this program can fit you.

If you have been a leader for some time, or been through previous coaching programs, there may be some material throughout the program that is familiar. But like rereading a great book, or rewatching a fabulous movie, you gain new insights every time that are just right for where you are at this particular time.
I'm so busy, how do I know I can fit this in?
This is one of the most flexible options for personalised coaching support you will find. We are flexible about the frequency and the timing. And, we have a lot of experience and information to help you reclaim unproductive time, so we can help you with this too.
How long are the coaching sessions?
The 5 coaching sessions are each 1 hour long and are recorded so you can go back over them.
Your Coaching Journal has preparation notes pages to help you get the most out of each session.

The Hogan 360 debrief call is 75 minutes long.
What currency do you charge in?
I charge in AUD (Australian dollars), so if you are in Australia, there's no need to worry about the exchange rate. And if you are in the US, UK or Europe you are going to benefit from the exchange rate when you pay in AUD.
I'm in the US / UK (somewhere not in Australia), can you still support me?
Absolutely, yes! The leadership concepts are relevant no matter where you are.  I have coaching time available in my calendar that can support sessions in the mornings and evenings in other time zones.

If you have very specific time needs and are unsure, please contact me with the timezone and times you need and I will let you know if that can be accomodated.
Do you have payment plans?
Yes. The full program is $2197 + GST in Australia paid in full up front, or  you can start straight away for $1297 payable on booking and a further payment of $1297 30 days later ($2594 AUD total + GST in Australia). 
How soon can we start?
You have the option to click right through to a sales page (scroll back up to the orange button) and get started straight way, or (further down the page) you can book a complimentary consult call first.
Either way, you can normally get started within 48 hours (2 business days) of confirming your place.
My business is going to pay, can I be sent a tax invoice for payment?
Yes, we can absolutely do that, Just please contact me with all the details to arrange
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